Freehold Residential Development Opportunity

Low Ridding, Bolsover Road, Mastin Moor, Chesterfield


  • The first Phase of the proposed Wider Mastin Moor development master plan
  • Outline Planning Permission has been granted for the scheme as a whole
  • The vendors propose to undertake the requisite Infrastructure and Enabling works to deliver a serviced residential development plot


Site Overview

Mastin Moor Development Master plan

The site of the wider master plan is located to the south of the village of Mastin Moor. Extending to 46.2 ha (114.16 aces) of mainly agricultural land, Worksop Road (A619) follows its northern boundary and Bolsover Road (B6419) running north to south splitting the site with part of the site extending southwards to Woodthorpe Road. The overall site forms a shallow valley sloping from the ridge lines along Worksop Road and Woodthorpe Road towards a watercourse that runs in a westerly direction through the site. Mastin Moor lies adjacent to the well regarded village of Woodthorpe, and Markham Vale, one of the regions flagship regeneration schemes consisting of a 200 acres business park employing over 2,500 people

Low Ridding

Low Ridding extends to 6.13ha (15.14 acres) and will deliver the initial phase of development of the wider Mastin Moor development master plan. Whilst situated to the south east of the village, Low Ridding will be accessed from its western boundary via Bolsover Road.

Mastin Moor is located approximately 8km east of Chesterfield and 12 km west of Worksop. Extensive services and facilities can be found in neighbouring Staveley and the village is well linked to Chesterfield and beyond by a regular bus service. Junction 30 of the M1 is 2km north east of the subject site at Barlborough

Town Planning

The land is Allocated as a Housing Site in the adopted Chesterfield Borough Council Local Plan (Housing Site ref H35) – adopted July 2020.

Outline Planning Consent for residential development of up to 650 dwellings (TP Ref: CHE/ 17/00469/OUT), including elderly care and specialist accommodation, a local centre (including local retail, health facilities, other local facilities and services), open space, community garden extension (including community building and parking) and associated infrastructure was granted on Appeal on 13th October 2020.

Chesterfield Borough Council’s Planning Committee resolved to grant Outline planning consent (subject to signing a Sec. 106 Agreement) for a slightly amended wider master plan (TP Ref: CHE/20/00700/OUT) in February 2021 proposing residential development of up to 650 dwellings, a residential care facility with extra care, a Local Centre (including local retail, health facilities, leisure facilities, other local facilities and services, offices), open space, community garden extension, community building, parking and associated infrastructure and earthworks. The Sec. 106 Agreement required 5% of all dwellings as affordable, and the following financial contributions:

  • £7,500 – Bolsover Road Contribution
  • £200,000 – Bus Stop Contribution
  • £247,260 – Health Care Contribution
  • £80,000 – Norbriggs Road Contribution
  • £60,000 – Seymour Links Road Contribution
  • £1500 – per annum until development is complete

An amended Master Plan has subsequently been submitted to Chesterfield BC and is due for determination in November 2021. All information relating to the extant planning application (with Committee Resolution to grant) can be found in the ‘Documents and Downloads’ section. Should interested require any information relating to the extant planning permission please contact one of the joint selling agents, or visit Chesterfield Borough Council’s Planning Portal.

The site falls within the lower charging rate for CIL, meaning new residential development will attract CIL of £20/ sq. m

Infrastructure and Enabling Works

Our clients, Devonshire Property (MM) Ltd will provide the successful bidder with a serviced development platform upon completion, validated by way of an NHBC Land Quality Endorsement (LQE) certificate . They also propose to deliver a serviced development parcel. A full suite of information relating to the technical aspects of the site and service provisions is available in the ‘Documents and Downloads’ area under ‘Infrastructure Plans’. These works will include:

  • Bulk Earthworks validated by NHBC LQE in accordance with the ‘Levels Plan’
  • S278 – Access from Bolsover Road in accordance with the ‘Infrastructure Plan’ and ‘Low Ridding Access Plan’
  • S38 – central spine road access known as The Avenue in accordance with the ‘Infrastructure Plan’
  • S104 – SUDS ponds and Foul Water Pump station, to provide unrestricted sewer connection in accordance with the ‘Surface Water Drainage Plan’ and ‘Foul Water Drainage Plan’
  • Utility connections including gas, water, electric and telecoms/ media in accordance with the ‘Electric’, ‘Water’ and ‘Gas’ Layout Plans

Please contact either Matthew Bagley or Rob Wilkins with any further queries.

Further Information

A full suite of planning and technical information is available in the ‘Documents and Downloads’ section.

Construction Skills Hub

A Construction Skills Hub is to be provided as part of the development. The Construction Skills Hub is an on-site construction training centre that will develop a pipeline of skilled workers, creating employment opportunities for the local area. Its location is marked on the Red Edge Phase 1 plan (between Low and High Ridding). The Construction Skills Hub will be provided for the life of the wider development. Our clients will require a commitment from the Purchaser to utilise the Construction Skills Hub for Trainees and Apprentices. This will assist in satisfying Planning Condition no. 47.

Management Company

The vendors will work with the Purchaser to appoint a suitable Management Company to look after the site wide open spaces and link with the local community.


Our clients are committed to improve diversity in the Construction industry, and as such please include an explanation as to how your Company is committed to increase levels of diversity and inclusion across the industry.


A draft Design Code can be found in the ‘Documents and Downloads’ section. Please note this our clients intend to work with the preferred developer to deliver the principals in the draft Design Code. The Design Code has not been issued to the Local Authority at this stage.


Offers are invited on either a conditional or unconditional basis for Low Ridding. Offers are to be submitted in writing by 12 noon on Friday 12th November 2021.

All offers should be accompanied by bidders proposed layouts and completed Bid proforma (provided on request by the selling agents).

Please note we anticipate conducting interviews of shortlisted parties on Thursday 2nd December 2021.


The site can be viewed form both Worksop Road and Bolsover Road. Should interested parties wish to walk the site, please contact either of the selling agents. Please note the land is currently subject to a Farm Tenancy, and is planted with crops.


For further information, please contact:

Matthew Bagley
Titchmarsh & Bagley
Tel: 07912 952502
     Rob Wilkins
Wilkins Hammond
Tel: 07971 250180